COVID Recovery Offer *OLD*


Even though the devastating impact of COVID on our industry is largely behind us, many Hoteliers have been forced to adapt to a new expectation from their clients. Since many clients either are still unwilling or unable to conduct an in-person site inspection, virtual tours are now an absolute must for any property with meeting space. We are here to help! Our solutions are the most realistic AND AFFORDABLE virtual tour platforms available!


      • we will create your full virtual tour including bedrooms, fitness, and meeting space
      • • absolutely no upfront costs!
      • • extremely affordable monthly payments for one-year term**

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Sheraton Parkway Toronto North


Sheraton Centre Toronto

Sheraton Center Toronto

Yorkville Royal Sonesta


Here are just some of the BASE features that will make your tour superior to others:

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging – multiple exposures are combined to ensure bright windows do not appear “blown out”
  • 3D modeling makes it possible to transition realistically from scene to scene
  • mini-map(s) show where the Visitor is currently located and allows them to jump to any location or level
  • • built-in “snapshot” tool allows Visitors to capture and download JPGs from within any scene
  • • built-in measurement tool allows Visitors to measure any space within your tour
  • built-in “dollhouse” view allows Visitors to realistically visualize any space from any angle
  • • delivery within 1 week of shooting!!

Video Demonstration of RemoteVisit 3D Basic Navigation and Features


  • affordable monthly payments for 1 year term:
    • up to 5000 sq ft meeting space = only $150/month
    • up to 10000 sq ft meeting space = only $175/month
    • up to 20000 sq ft meeting space = only $200/month
    • more than 20000 sq ft meeting space? Let’s talk!
    • after one year, only $50/month for hosting/support/upgrades


These *options* are available to enhance your tour further:

  • integration of super-high resolution 360s (which can also be used on your website)***
  • built-in chat and video conferencing system – allows you to connect live with visitors and take them on guided tours!
  • *** scenes depicted by animated stars are examples of the optional high resolution imagery described above

Video Demonstration of RemoteVisit 3D Advanced Features

Additional Considerations

Some additional points to consider:

  • we have a broad network of photographers available to service most geographic locations
  • we will hold training sessions for your Sales and/or Banquets team to ensure they can use the tour with confidence
  • we have *many* different ways you can re-purpose the content we generate for your tour including an enhanced Google Business Profile, a 360/VR Video, or full-blown RemoteVisit Virtual Site Inspection.
  • your tour can be updated at any time
  • your entire tour can be integrated into our RemoteVisit Virtual Site Inspection system which includes Comprehensive Search, Interactive Capacities, Stock Photography and other Hospitality Sales tools

** This is a limited time offer designed to assist recovery of our industry – a “Produced By” notice will be used as the tripod cap in each scene – we reserve the right to modify pricing at any time