Brand-Approved Photography

Brand Guidelines for Still Photography

The QuickTurnVR team members have been serving the Hospitality Industry for more than 20 years! We are fully aware of the need to adhere to all Brand Guidelines when it comes to your property’s photography. If you already work with an approved photographer and would prefer to continue doing so, we will happily work with them as well.

If however you are open to working with a new brand-approved photographer, we have you covered! Our main photographer has been shooting Marriott, Starwood, and Hilton properties in Canada and the United States for over 20 years!

360 Image Resolution and Quality

Other vendors use “plant and shoot” cameras to capture VR scenes. While efficient for them, unfortunately this method often does not produce images that you’d want to represent your business – windows are overexposed and colors can look washed out. QuickTurnVR uses a high quality SLR camera rig to capture multiple exposures within the same scene – in fact, 35 individual images are combined to create each final high quality VR photosphere! The result is a much higher resolution image with better combined lighting. This method ultimately leads to a virtual tour you’ll be proud to have represent your business.


Typical ‘Plant and Shoot’ Camera (approx 6000 x 3000 pixels)

NOTE:  Source images always appear warped when viewed ‘flat’

Our Multiple Exposure Results  (approx 15000 x 7500 pixels)

NOTE:  Source images always appear warped when viewed ‘flat’

Photo Retouching and Attention to Detail

In addition to generating higher resolution images, we also take the time to manually retouch each image and blend exposures. The final images always appear well-lit without overexposed windows. Click and drag (to the right) in the photospheres below to see the difference!


The following video demonstrates the layering, blending and retouching process to remove unwanted features.

Photoshop Editing of a High Resolution Photosphere