Hospitality Overview

What makes QuickTurnVR your ideal Hospitality Partner?

What makes our Hospitality solutions different?  At the root, it’s a deep understanding of the industry and how your sales and marketing team members work to promote your property.  It’s realizing that you’ve invested significantly in traditional imagery and knowing how to re-purpose those resources in order to keep them working for you. It’s also being flexible, learning about your particular challenges, and then forging a custom solution that will help your sales team in their daily challenge to stay ahead of the competition.

Start Small - We Have A Flexible Growth Path!

With QuickTurnVR, there truly is no minimum starting point.  You can start with a basic 360 degree image photoshoot or take advantage of our special COVID RECOVERY OFFER  to get a full tour of your property! We immediately provide you with the tools for use in your daily sales operations, often delivering within 1 week of the photoshoot!  Here is a typical growth path of the various options for re-purposing your investment:

    • Phase 1 – RemoteVisit-3D with Optional High Resolution 360 Slideshow


    • The RemoteVisit-3D is simply the most cost-effective way to get a fully interactive virtual tour of your entire property. Consisting of hundreds of interlinked 360° images, you’ll get a fluid tour of all meeting space, bedrooms, restaurants, and public space.
    • You can also choose to have some key scenes captured as high resolution 360° images. These scenes are retouched to remove sprinklers, exit signs, stains, etc. and are integrated into your tour to provide perfect “landing scenes” to pause and discuss the space with your clients.  Each of these scenes is also delivered in a 360° Slideshow “highlights reel” that you can show on any computer, iPad, smartphone, or Virtual Reality headset.
    • Phase 1.5 – Google BusinessView

      Not really a full Phase, just a great low-cost option to re-purpose your 360 images to enhance your Google Business Profile. Your “See Photos” section will include a virtual tour of your property, running directly from Google’s servers.

    • Phase 2 – 360 Degree Video

      This option is a great way to spice up your social media! YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all encourage 360 degree videos. Using your high quality 360 images, we can create various videos to support your marketing goals. Whether you want a great overview of the property, a leisure-focused preview,  or a meetings-centric deep dive, these videos are an inexpensive way to engage with social media and attract attention at tradeshows.

    • Phase 3 – RemoteVisit Full Virtual Site Inspection

      This is where we really shine! Designed specifically for Sales Managers to use day-to-day, unique features include interactive floorplans and capacities grid, integration of your existing stock photography, a comprehensive search function and much more!

    • Phase 4 – Regional / Portfolio Sales

      When you have two or more related properties with ANY of our sales tools, we can link the tools together with an interactive Google Map. Completely customized to highlight your properties and local area attractions, this tool is great for regional sales or property cross-selling.

Grow Your Solutions at Your Own Pace

The options and progression listed above are just a suggestion – you can grow your sales tools at your own pace! Click here to view or download a flowchart which illustrates the various tools and their potential uses.