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The Most Realistic Way to Showcase Your Property!

RemoteVisit is absolutely the most realistic and engaging way to take your clients on a remote site inspection! Clients love being able to explore on their own or to ask questions and immediately be SHOWN how a property meets their event requirements. Just some of the features include:

    • **NEW!!** integration of Matterport tours allows you to realistically “walk the space” between high resolution scenes
    • • mini-map(s) show where the Visitor is currently located and allows them to jump to any location or level
    • • built-in measurement tool allows Visitors to measure any space within your tour
    • • built-in “dollhouse” view allows Visitors to realistically visualize any space from any angle
    • • drop-down list of key areas allows the Visitor to jump immediately to a specific location

QuickTurnVR is offering to create a tour for your property with NO UPFRONT COSTS!  We’ve created a JUMP-START OFFER which is truly focused on helping the Hospitality Industry bounce back…


No one likes the uncertainty of being the champion for a brand new technology.  Even though industry giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook/Meta, Apple, and Samsung have all announced that they are investing heavily in the forthcoming METAVERSE, it’s still not a mainstream option for your Sales and Marketing efforts. That being said, all the content we produce on your behalf WILL BE RE-USABLE when that time comes!

In the meantime, we have MANY REAL WAYS TO RE-PURPOSE or expand upon your initial project, ensuring that your investment will pay for itself many times over in the real world! 

Here are just a few options:


Google BusinessView

It’s like StreetView, but for touring INSIDE your property! Your Google Business Profile will be updated with a section of interconnected 360° images, allowing visitors to SEE INSIDE while they are narrowing down their list of vendors.  Google has published results that confirm a 28% higher contact rate for properties that have an inside tour over the competition!


360° VIDEO

360° Videos allow the viewer to look all around as the video plays!  These videos are in hot demand within your social media channels –  FaceBook/Meta gives them higher preference rankings, and YouTube can even stream live 360 videos for events!  The content from your initial Virtual Tour shoot can easily be re-purposed into various 360° videos, depending on what you want to accomplish!


Want to generate the most traffic at your next Tradeshow? Planning a special event for Meeting Planners? You ARE ready for the MetaVerse!  We can create a fully immersive experience from your RemoteVisit-3D tour content AND we can provide the Virtual Reality headsets and staff to make your event a huge success!

(use any VR headset or mobile device to view)


For properties with significant meeting space, combine your previous RemoteVisit-3D tour with stock images, an interactive capacities grid, a comprehensive search engine, and videos! The result is a super-charged Sales Team wielding the ULTIMATE Hospitality sales tool!  Our clients have booked $100K deals without their client actually stepping foot on property!



Have a great Virtual Tour?  Why not spread the word?? We will include your tour (no matter how small or large) in a PORTFOLIO system that can be used by your Ownership, Regional Marketing group, or anyone else interested in promoting more than one property!

The system is based upon Google Maps and can indicate how detailed each property’s tour is – when you want to visit a property, just zoom in and click on the icon to launch the tour in a new browser tab!